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Why Mentorship is Good For You

Women today are leading successful companies. You too can achieve this with the support of a good mentor and advice that puts you first. Read Refileo Legoale’s, (23), story about the benefits of mentorship and you could win R15 000 towards your business.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 12.36.17 Please tell us a bit about yourself.
After completing my matric I decided to study journalism. I enjoy writing and I love the fact with journalism I don’t do the same thing every day. Different stories will require me to write and research differently.

What/who has inspired you to be the person you are now?
My mother, she might not know much about journalism but she sure knows a thing or two about hard work, being independent and making her own money.

Growing up, was mentorship something you were aware of?
I never knew what mentorship was or how it worked. I was made aware of it when I got to university and our lecturer suggested that we get ourselves a mentor to learn from and look up to, be it in our personal lives or careers.

Please tell us about your experiences in being mentored.
My first experience of being mentored was during my first year in varsity, it was my then head tutor in journalism. On days when I didn’t have classes I’d go to her office where she used to work as a journalist and would witness a typical day in the life of a community journalist. I learnt a lot in terms of how to deal with people, time management when juggling two jobs at once. I got to ask a lot of questions during my time with her and that gained me knowledge to last me a lifetime.

How did you know that person was the right mentor for you?
She and I are from similar backgrounds therefore I felt that I could relate to her more than anyone else at that time. She is in charge of her life and that is what I want to be and working towards, being my own woman and in charge of my life and career.

How has being mentored shaped you to being the person you are today?
Being mentored has helped me a lot in terms fine tuning my values and goals and not compromising them for anything. She made me see that hard work and dedication pays off and always be wiling to start small and work your way up.

What valuable lessons have you learned by being mentored?
Always show up and let your work speak for you.

Would you suggest mentorship to another young female?
Yes I would. Especially if someone who is in the same career path as you mentors you, someone you can relate to. If it’s not career mentorship you’re looking for then our parents and sisters are the perfect place to start looking.

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