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Are you falling out of love?

One moment you couldn’t live without him, and the next you’re questioning if you ever loved him to begin with.

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Here are signs to help you address the truth and start working on your relationship.

You no longer enjoy his company
You totally avoid spending time with him.You always look for a third person to join you if you’re going out. According to Love Panky: Guide to Better Love and Relationships, as love starts to fade away, you may start to spend less time together.

You avoid future talks
When he tries to talk about future plans you quickly change the subject. It doesn’t give you excitement anymore to dream about growing old with him.

Feel like somethig is missing
When you’re with him, you feel empty. Meeting him and a stranger is similar as you no longer have butterflies in the stomach.

He irritates you
The sight of him irritates you and you don’t know why. His jokes are no longer funny, in fact you find them annoying.

You don’t respect him anymore
You don’t think twice about yelling at him or even scorning him for the smallest mistake in front of others.

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