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5 must-have sex toys

If you’ve never experienced a G-spot orgasm before, then you’re in for a treat with these naughty numbers.

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Sex with your partner is great but can also get a tad tedious. Bringing some sex toys into the mix can really spice things up. A recent study by Everyday Health found that women who use sex toys report greater satisfaction and orgasm ability

Try out these titilating gadgets to get the pleasure you desire:

Magic Wand

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This is not for the novice. If you like your toys high-powered and with intensity settings to match every need, then the Magic Wand is what you’re looking for. The firm yet flexible neck makes for mind-blowing clitoral stimulation that may just bring the neighbours knocking.

Silicone vibrator

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This one literally hits the spot. When inserted, the head bends towards the G-spot and its vibration stimulates it. Claire Cavanah, in her book ‘Moregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex’ couldn’t agree more. This vibrator offers the best feature which is the head at the tip.

Rotating G-spot Rabbit Vibrator

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This rabbit has a curved tip so you can hit the spot with pin-point precision, while the ears softly tease your clitoris. You can also adjust vibration on the control panel.


wevibe-001107-img-4_1This baby provides internal fullness while the clitoral vibrator delivers powerful external stimulation. You can choose from the eight vibration levels for the one that fits your mood. It is USB charged and allows you to play for approximately two hours.


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You don’t have to wait for your partner for oral sex. Ith the Ora you can do it all by yourself. Ora is the world’s most sophisticated oral sex simulator. This sensual massager stimulates around the clitoris with all the familiar sensations of your partner’s mouth.

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