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Happy Birthday! 5 reasons we love Anele Mdoda

The media personality is celebrating her birthday today. Full of life and ever-so stylish, we look at the reasons why she’s awesome.

She juggles work and motherhood like a pro

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From MC duties, to her 94.7 breakfast show and Real Talk she truly is a jack of all trades.

Keeps us entertained

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Her talk show has been doing great and has many glued to their screens. She even has a SAFTA to prove it!

She’s hilarious

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If you follow her on social media you know how witty and funny she is. Did you know she sometimes dabbles in stand-up comedy?

Loves her siblings dearly

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The love and adoration she has for Thembisa is beautiful to witness.

She’s always supporting others

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She is humble and is always vouching for others to win.

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