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Diabetes blog

A recent news post from a reputed newspaper quoted a medical regulatory body and suggested that the physicians practicing as "Diabetologist" should be brought under the scanner. (1)

What were the points infavourof such a move?

They are not competent enough to deal with the complexities associated with this disease entity. The article goes on to nearly implicate them as a cause behind the increasing diabetes related deaths in India. (

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8 Sped Up Videos That Shatter Your Idea of Ordinary Things

I’m not the type of person who gets fascinated easily. My view of the natural world tends to lean toward the practical: a storm cloud means water for crops, a tree is something to piss behind if I’m not near a toilet, the sun is just a moon that God accidentally set on fire while drunk. But if you take even the most boring shit and view it in a time lapse video, suddenly it becomes awesome. That’s when you realize that absol

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Stories for January 2014

It is here. Even if your family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, odds are that you have a Super Bowl celebration in the works. Department of Agriculture, Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food consumption day in the country, nibbled out only by Thanksgiving. Currently held on the
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Food News

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How to Ruin Your Business Reputation

and deliberately not selling that item six minutes later, simply because that is the "rule"? What does McDonald’s do with left over sausage biscuits? Wouldn’t it be more profitable to sell them? Or is there some sort of sausage biscuit heaven in the sky they all must go to when the clock strikes 10:30?

Now, McDonald’s is a much admired, sharp, successful organization, the largest fast food operation in the world. And McDona

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